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Chemical Cleaners Are Causing Your Family Harm?

Years ago when I realized the damage and harm my cleaning products were bringing to my family, I realized I needed to make a changed. I just had no idea where to start

Then a friend shared a solution with me and it opened my eyes to how this was the answer to everything! A healthy home is a happy home. So I created a plan and made the switch. I wasn't able to change every item overnight but gradually my home became chemical free in all areas I could physically and financially control.

Join with us as we get the toxic, dangerous chemicals out of homes for good.

Simple Steps For a Chemical Free Home

Remove the chemicals and replace with safe effective solutions.

Identify Bad Ingredients

Locate harmful chemicals in products under the kitchen sink, pantry, bathroom cabinets, garage, or laundry room.
Click Here For List of Bad Ingredients

Trash The Bad

Gather up all dangerous chemicals you find, box them up, and get them out! Check with your local waste disposal facility for any special instructions as some of these cleaners are treated as hazardous waste.

Replace With Clean Products

The Hearth Room is proud to offer safer, non-toxic, eco friendly cleaning products that never put you or your family at risk.